About Ashlyn

Ashlyn Grayce is a twenty-year-old singer/songwriter, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Her birthplace, "Music City," was no coincidence since she grew up in a musical family. From an early age, Ashlyn was encouraged to explore her musical gifts and talents and was exposed to all different kinds of music, musicians, singers and songwriters.


Ashlyn’s career in the entertainment business began as a little girl. Her charisma, natural beauty and unparalleled talent landed her gigs doing commercials and photo shoots for companies such as Arista Records, Cracker Barrel and Reader's Digest, among others. Throughout the course of her childhood, Ashlyn became a dedicated and accomplished guitarist and vocalist. Growing up in a home that values music education, Ashlyn was also encouraged to utilize her way with words and love of writing to master the art of songwriting. Creativity and self-expression are as important to both Ashlyn and her parents as earning good grades in school.


Ashlyn has had the privilege to work with and write songs along-side some of Nashville’s most respected song writers and vocalists. She is a born entertainer with a quiet confidence that allows her to own the craft of entertaining both on stage and behind the scenes. Nashville music business veterans are taking notice of her as well. Her ability to write and perform songs that connect with her audience has given her the opportunity to perform at venues such as the Blue Bird Café, Hard Rock Cafe, Tootsies and The Nashville Palace, among many others. Although Ashlyn enjoys writing on her own, collaboration is also an enormous aspect of Ashlyn’s creative process. "I try to do as many writing appointments with other song writers and artists as much as possible. The process is so much fun and is always a great learning experience."


"Music allows me to express my feelings and creativity. Song writing enables people to know me better and see exactly who I am through my songs. Music and writing are two of my best friends as they are always there for me unconditionally. I love to entertain people and know that I was born to do just that. It is my passion," says Ashlyn.


As a performer, Ashlyn is tapping into other avenues in terms of self-expression. She has developed a love for acting as well. "Acting is fun and also helps me to interpret my songs and perfect my stage presence. I also enjoy dancing and doing choreography." 


Although she is young, she has a maturity, self-determination and work ethic that is both admired and respected among her peers and the Nashville music industry.


"I have had so many amazing opportunities already for which I am very blessed and cannot wait to see what all is in store. I know God has a plan for me and I am ready. My biggest dream is to be a great role model to younger kids and use any success I may achieve to help others and this great country in which we live to become an even greater place."